Client Journey To The Real Her!

My client and my journey started quite a while back, where I got to know her and understand her who she is as a person and what her lifestyle entails. My client is a very selfless lady, whose personality comes across as introvert until you get to know her.  Because of her having a selfless streak […]

Friday Look Of The Week

The look I have chosen for this week, has seriously been haunting me all week. It is just a hot look for winter and yes, I know it is not winter in South Africa, but when an outfit is hot, it is just hot! The outfit was worn by Mandy Moore, I must say I […]

Work Wear – Corporate Power

Most of us are back to reality after a good break! But let me ask you a question, was your wardrobe on break too?  Did you do the necessary wardrobe planning for your “back to work” outfits? I know a lot of people do not think of this as they might feel, why do I […]

Hello 2019!

Hello 2019!  I am excited for what you have instore for us! I thought I will a drop a small post, just to share a bit of my heart for 2019.  Let’s start at the beginning and look back at 2018, I have grown and learned so much in 2018, met amazing new people, who […]

The Style Dilemma

I have been sitting at my desk and wondering where to start with this topic.  As I don’t want to start off on a wrong “note”, so to speak, as this is a very important topic. Style is the outward reflection of who you are. Yup, you read correctly, style is the outward reflection of […]


All of us have experienced the wardrobe blues, yes, I call it the wardrobe blues and this is when your closet is full of clothes – clothes that you are wearing, clothes you have not worn for some time or even clothes that are just sentimental. Before I go further, you might be thinking: “I […]

A Night At The Oscars

The 2018 Academy Awards has come and gone and the tongues were wagging about the different fashions on the red carpet. My tongue is going to be one of them.  #smileyface I must say the fashion selections at this year’s Oscars had its high and lows, with some “out there” fashions. Well I suppose if […]

The Final Essentials

O wow, what a crazy few weeks it has been. I have had numerous meetings with clients, doing photoshoots and other work in between. Now we are at the end of the year and I have not yet completed the series on the ten essential items every woman needs in her closet.