Client Journey To The Real Her!

    My client and my journey started quite a while back, where I got to know her and understand her who she is as a person and what her lifestyle entails.

    My client is a very selfless lady, whose personality comes across as introvert until you get to know her.  Because of her having a selfless streak about her, she always came last in what she wore, it will mostly be hand-downs form friends or family or old clothes. She also does not like shopping and therefore also rarely bought herself clothes.  This being the cause of her wearing clothes that does not suit her body, skin tone and lifestyle. 

    My client is a mother of a 2-year-old, works in a corporate environment.  Her personality is that of a sporty type, cool, comfortable and sophisticated with an edge and this we had to reflect in wardrobe.  

    So, we threw away her tights, tops that does nothing for her body type, basically nearly everything and started planning her wardrobe with a small budget. 

    We replaced this with a few winter items which gave me space to show her how to mix and match the items we bought. 

    Her style now reflects who she is and her lifestyle perfectly and for the first time she is blooming wherever she goes.  

    She can now walk the streets confidently knowing that her outfits are a good advert of who she is and confidently look into the eyes of the world and say “hello” here I am.

    The beauty of who she is now truly reflecting on the outside, she is such a beautiful lady inside and out and it was my absolute honour to walk this journey with her and will continue to do so, even though she will now be calling the UK her new home. 

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    Friday Look Of The Week

    The look I have chosen for this week, has seriously been haunting me all week. It is just a hot look for winter and yes, I know it is not winter in South Africa, but when an outfit is hot, it is just hot!

    The outfit was worn by Mandy Moore, I must say I love this lady style, always looking chic.

    The dress she wore this week, first of all was WOW, the cut, the style just amazingly suits her, pairing it with knee high boots and a coat, it just made this look all the more hot!

    Thinking about this outfit, I just again realised that it's a good thing to step out of your comfort zone with your style. Wear something different, something unexpected. After all you only live once!

    The secret to amazing style is making it your own and wearing it with confidence.

    Be different, be YOU!

    Image By E-Entertainment

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    Work Wear - Corporate Power

    Most of us are back to reality after a good break! But let me ask you a question, was your wardrobe on break too?  Did you do the necessary wardrobe planning for your "back to work" outfits?

    I know a lot of people do not think of this as they might feel, why do I need to plan for my work outfits, I will just pull out an outfit, which ever comes first.  Or you might have started a new job and you are unsure to what to wear.

    Let me share with you a few things, firstly, yes, it is very important to to plan your wardrobe and secondly, in the society we live in today, we tend to have this, "anything goes" attitude towards our outfits, just as long as I do my job and do it well.  Yes, you are right, working hard is a fundamental ingredient to success, however to way you present yourself is as important.

    You have two major groups of work wear, the first is corporate and the other is a more casual corporate look.  In this post I am quickly going to focus on the corporate wear.

    Corporate wear key items are as follows:

    • Tailored Jacket
    • Classic White Buttoned Shirt
    • Black Formal Pants
    • Court Shoes
    • Shift Dress
    • Pencil Skirt

    You might say, these items sounds so dull and boring, it does not have to be.  Here are some examples how to "swoosh" up an outfit:

    • Black pants, white buttoned shirt, red shoes, red tailored jacket.
    • Shift dress, with pink shoes and pink cardigan


    It's time to dress for success and start planning your corporate capsule!

    With Style



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    Hello 2019!

    Hello 2019!  I am excited for what you have instore for us!

    I thought I will a drop a small post, just to share a bit of my heart for 2019.  Let's start at the beginning and look back at 2018, I have grown and learned so much in 2018, met amazing new people, who became clients and then friends and I am forever grateful. But I have close 2018 and I am embracing 2019 with so much excitement to continue to journey with my current clients and looking forward to meeting new clients.

    My heart to see woman (and men) come into their own from the inside-out has grown even bigger and I thought this was not possible.  Over the holiday period I have observed people in general and wow, there is a world of potential walking around in our streets, without the people realising their full potential in who they are and on how they present themselves.

    It's time to make a change and I am ready, ready to have an impact on peoples lives in finding their styles and seeing them take their place in our world.

    My wish for you is that you will embrace your full potential, this world will be left empty if you do not do so!

    I look forward to meeting you in 2019 and together we will embrace your style journey!

    With style




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    How do I cleanse my wardrobe – With a friend or a personal stylist of course!

    Doing a wardrobe cleanse is always such a daunting experience, because you never too sure if you are making the right choices for example:

    1. “I have not worn this item for more than a year, but maybe I will wear it in the future”
    2. “I wore this item, I weighed less than I do now, but one day I will fit in this item again and its then years down the line”
    3. “This item I had since I was eighteen and have such good memories and don’t want to get rid of this item”


    and the list goes on…..  (Go check-out my blog called The Wardrobe Blues)

    That is why it is a good idea to invite a friend over, grab some eats, a glass off wine and you good to go.  A friend will always give an honest opinion if she thinks an item will work for you or not and also to let you know it when it’s time to let a certain item go, (remember a friend most of the times knows you better than anyone else).  Have some laughs whilst you doing a cleanse, have a “fashion show” of putting strange items together etc.  This will make a stressful situation so much more fun.

    You can also get the assistance of a personal stylist to assist you in a wardrobe cleanse which could also be much fun, but daunting as this is in your personal space and she will challenge your comfort zone a bit, but always look at the end result and that is that you will have a wardrobe that defines your style, works for you and that is not cluttered.

    So go on, go call that friend, get some treats and have a glass of wine and have a fun time cleansing your wardrobe. ?

    With style


    Photo credit : Pinterest

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    The Style Dilemma

    I have been sitting at my desk and wondering where to start with this topic.  As I don’t want to start off on a wrong “note”, so to speak, as this is a very important topic. Style is the outward reflection of who you are.

    Yup, you read correctly, style is the outward reflection of who you are.  If you go to your closet right now, you will see that most of your clothes has a “theme”, whether it is sporty, elegant, natural etc.  Once you have realized what the “theme” is, you have to take a step back and ask yourself, is this the style I want to wear and does this style to reflect who I truly am.

    If your answer is no to the above question, then you have to take it further and ask why I am not dressing a style which truly reflects who I am. The answer to this can be a number of reasons:

    1. You think you can not afford this type of style
    2. You feel that you dress a certain style, people will notice you and you uncomfortable with this idea, in other words your hiding behind your clothes
    3. You feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of your body and think that you can not pull off the style you after
    4. Your lifestyle and/or environment does not allow you to dress a certain style.


    I understand the mentioned reasons; however, they are not true, you can pull off the style that you after, you just have to understand your body type and how to dress accordingly in the style that you wish.

    You can be a housewife and still look stylish, you can work in a corporate environment and feel that your style is sporty but can incorporate these together, you love the elegant look, but feel that you have to buy expensive or “labels” to pull off this look, but you have to understand where and how to shop and the list goes on.

    I want to challenge you, go and have a look at your closet and again ask the question, does my closet truly reflect my style?  If the answer is no, make a decision to maybe contact an Image Consultant who can guide you into your style journey and open up a whole new world for you.

    All of us wants to feel good in what you wear and look good wearing it – let me tell you a secret YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!   Make a quality decision to invest the time to make your outward appearance reflect the true you!

    With Style



    Picture credit - Pinterest

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    All of us have experienced the wardrobe blues, yes, I call it the wardrobe blues and this is when your closet is full of clothes – clothes that you are wearing, clothes you have not worn for some time or even clothes that are just sentimental.

    Before I go further, you might be thinking: “I have heard this all before and I don’t really want to read another blog on how to organize my closet and I would rather want to read more on styling, fashion etc”.

    Well, we sometimes have to come back to basics and start at the beginning and basic is your closet and what items you have in your closet.

    Here are some of the reasons why certain items are in your closet:

    1. You nervous to throw certain items out as you might want to wear it in the future
    2. You might wear a certain item again when you have lost the necessary weight
    3. A certain item has sentimental value
    4. You don’t understand your style


    This is just a few of the reasons why certain items are in your closet and I want to focus a bit on no 4 and this is to understand your style.

    Here are some reasons why there might not be an understanding of what your style might be:

    1. You like a certain style, but you don’t think you can pull it off
    2. You feel insecure about your body
    3. You are an emotional buyer
    4. You don’t know your body type
    5. You are unsure which colours suit you; and the list goes on.


    Once you grasp your style, it will be easier to clear out your closet on a seasonal basis and buy the essentials and later on to add to these items.

    So, how do I go about clearing my closet?  First you have to make a quality decision and set time apart to face this mountain ? and then it’s quite simple and I am certain most of you already know the answers to these questions:

    1. Have I worn this item in the past 12 months?
    2. Does this item truly reflect who I am (my style)?
    3. Will I realistically loose the necessary weight to fit into a certain item and if so, does this truly reflect my style?
    4. Does this item hold sentimental value and if so, does this item reflect my style and if not, rather keep it in a keep safe box?
    5. Does this item pair with other items in my closet?
    6. Does this item suit my lifestyle?


    Answering these questions truthfully is hard but the reward is so much greater! You will have a closet which will suit your lifestyle, your style, not be cluttered and practical.

    So, I want to challenge you ladies out there, go and de-clutter your closet and start building on a closet which truly reflects you and your lifestyle.

    Remember ladies, when you de-clutter your wardrobe you will not buy unnecessary items, which will ultimately safe you costs.

    PS: Let me know how it goes? ?

    With style


    Picture credit:  Pinterest

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    A Night At The Oscars

    The 2018 Academy Awards has come and gone and the tongues were wagging about the different fashions on the red carpet.

    My tongue is going to be one of them.  #smileyface

    I must say the fashion selections at this year’s Oscars had its high and lows, with some “out there” fashions. Well I suppose if you want to make a statement, the red carpet is the place to do it.

    I have now jumped on the band wagon and decided to share some of my favourite dresses of the evening.

    Let’s start off with Octavia Spencer’s deep emerald green, off the shoulder dress.  Wow, an amazing dress that compliments her fuller figure.  The band around her waist subtly shows off her hourglass figure.  Just a winner for a night at the Oscars!  Well done to her and her stylist!

    Now to one of my favourite ladies both on and off of the red carpet, the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o.  Her black and gold, gladiator type of feel dress is stunning on her.  I love the detail on the sleeve, which is perfectly brought down to her waist, also to complimenting her figure.  The slit in the dress is a “high-light” of the dress, she has got the legs, why not show them off!  Hoorah to Lupita.

    Then Jennifer Lawerence also rocked a metallic gold dress, just an all-around winner – enough said!

    Haven’t seen Sandra Bullock on the red carpet for a while and thank you, Sandra, for looking lovely as ever, this dress is looking gorgeous on you with the sleek hair just topping the look.  As they say once you have it, you will always have it.

    I am a big fan of Helen Mikren, she is styled so age appropriately and with such simplicity.  The dress that she wore to Oscars is a good example of this.  This blue dress is so elegant and simplistic it makes my toes curl of happiness, just to prove once again that less is more.  One day when I grow up I want to be like Helen. ?

    The red dress that Allison Janners wore, I only really loved for one reason and that was the sleeves, it just gave that whole dress such an elegant feel and look to it.  Well done lady in red!

    Then lastly one of my favourite actresses Jennifer Garnier, wow, wow, wow, that dress…  That dress does not need to be explained… that shade of blue against her skin tone, the soft feel to dress with the chiffon that flows to the carped and the neckline that gives her such grace.  I give this a million out of a million.  I WANT THIS DRESS!  ?

    Well there you have short and sweet summary of my seven favourite looks of the 2018 Oscars and I am looking forward to see what the carpet brings in 2019!


    Photo credit : E-Entertainment

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    The Final Essentials

    O wow, what a crazy few weeks it has been. I have had numerous meetings with clients, doing photoshoots and other work in between. Now we are at the end of the year and I have not yet completed the series on the ten essential items every woman needs in her closet.

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    The White T-Shirt

    You guys are being spoiled with two blogs after each other, but hey! We need to make up for lost time.

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